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The Traditional Thai Massage recognises certain reflex points on defined energy lines (so called "Sen", in Thai: เส้น) within the body. The reflex points receive massaging pressure. This massage is completed by stretching the body and the limbs (we do NOT carry out chiropractic exercises). The goal is a muscular and principal relaxation of the body, to stimulate blood flow and lymph nodes and to increase mobility. Find more on Wikipedia and at Tam Took Wan (a Thaimassage parlour in Berlin).

When visiting us... do not have to prepare yourself or bring anything with you! Your masseur will lead you to your massage compartment. We will provide you with wide and comfortable massage trousers (you are not required to completely undress during your treatment). Once you have changed you lie down on a comfortable futon (a Japanese mattress) and the relaxation will begin (except for footmassages, which are preceded by a warm foot bath). So, you can enjoy our massages spontaneously and without any complications.


The Traditional Thai Massage is a massage for the whole body starting at the feet, working itself up over legs, body and arms to the head, therefore covering all important Sen.

Wat Po in Bangkok, a very well known, if not the World's most important institution for Traditional Thai Massage, has defined 10 main Sen. Our Thai Massages are for relaxation, nevertheless our masseurs must cover theses main Sen. There is no world standard defining how to work the Sen, though. Actually, the way to do it depends on experience and technique of the respective masseur. Nevertheless, we are convinced that with our masseurs you are in good hands. So, if you are enjoying a Wilai Massage and it does not follow the exact order you experienced before, may be even in Thailand, this does not mean that something is being done wrong. It is only a bit different this time.


The principles of Traditional Thai Massage likewise apply to our Oil-Massage. The oil massage too, is a whole body massage for relaxation covering the Sen. The appliance of oil lets you experience the massage gentler and more calming. Unfortunately, due to the preparation time in advance of an oil massage we cannot offer an oil massage for just 30 minutes. Therefore, the minimum booking for an oil massage is 60 minutes.

Furthermore, we offer Thai Neck and Back and Foot Massages. Although these massages do not cover all Sen completely there are still reflex points in the neck and back area and on the feet and soles, which are of significance and which willl help you to relax.


1. Let Go
Before your massage commences try to "let go" as far as possible. As more relxed you are as more you will get out of your massage.

2. Engage
Give your masseur a leap of faith. Try to delay any comparisons until your massage is completed (see left: every masseur is different).

3. Your Well Being
You can talk to the masseur. If she is working to strong, simply ask her to go gentler. If you are below the level of your expectations, aks her to put more strength in her massaging.

4. Orientation
If it is your first time and you do not know which massage is right for you, go for a foot massage. If you like that, you can "upgrade" immediately afterwards or the next time you come to Wilai Massage.

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